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Hieronder de lijst van online 3D software.

3DTin erg makkelijkgratisonlinewww.3dtin.com
TinkerCAD makkelijkgratisonlinewww.tinkercad.com
Google SketchUpgemiddeldgratisonlinewww.sketchup.com
Shapesmithopen sourceonlineshapesmith.net


3D online ontwerp tools


Shapeways: Turn your 2D design into a 3D print


Shapeways: Design your custom 3D printed ring


Nervous System - Cell Cycle: Generate your own 3D-printed jewelry

Generate your own 3d-printed jewelry with this physics-based tool inspired by microscopic cellular structures.


Mymo: Combines any two letters or numbers into a novel 3 dimensional form.

Mymo cleverly combines any two letters or numbers into a novel 3 dimensional form. From one angle, you see one letter; from another angle, you see the other.


Nervous System - Kinematics: Design your own flexible jewelery design

Kinematics is a system for 4D printing that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. Use this app to design your own flexible jewelry designs.


Freakin’ Sweet Apps: Customize your own ring

Design your own ring. With just a few mouse strokes you can create your own ring. We’ll have it 3D printed and sent to your door. Give it a try!


Ciphering: personalised ring which physical form encodes numbers of your choosing

The message becomes visible only when you take the ring off your finger and either shine light, or look through it in a correct angle.
Your input of four numbers and four letters are fed to an algorithm that generates the unique shape.
First the form is 3D printed in wax, and subsequently cast in silver, bronze or gold plated brass.


Cubify - Robot Nation - Build your robot nation